LAUS is a young, dynamic and quickly growing company of more than 70 committed specialists, but ‘young’ doesn’t mean that we are inexperienced: We are GLP certified since 1999, have performed ecotoxicological and biodegradation studies for 20 years, physico-chemical and genotoxicity studies for more than 15 years. Your satisfaction is a matter of intense personal and professional pride to all of our team. Because we are a small team, you will have direct access to all of us. Our strength is prompt decisions making in order to move the project to a successful conclusion.

LAUS: Small enough to care, big enough to deliver.         


Physico-chemical properties: OECD/EU/UN/CIPAC/ISO guidelines
In vitro toxicology: eye/skin irritation, skin sensitization
In vitro mutagenicity and genotoxicity
Ecotoxicology: Acute and chronic studies
Biodegradability, E-Fate and Analytical Services
TIER I and II testing for ERA

LAUS provides testing for various test items:
Chemicals, including Nanomaterials acc. to REACH, CLP and GHS
Biocides and Biocidal Products
Agrochemicals / Pesticides
Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals

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